These are some of my personal stories that I write here to release them from me.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Message from her cousin

His calls were always welcomed, as I had spent quite a bit of time around him and his family. As my wife’s cousin, I always had expected to him to side with her if things ever came down hard, but he always seemed to try to straddle that middle of the road approach.

He called me the other day, asking me about her, asking about how I was feeling, etc. I went off on a rant about how I never know when she is lying, etc. And basically that is the truth, I think she lies so much now, that has started to believe the lies herself. Then our conversation changed to him a bit, we talked about being asked whether he would be a good worker or not. After I said it I realized it was a mistake and tried to cover for her, but I knew it was too late, she had questioned his abilities to me and he wouldn’t forgive her for that.

Later that day, I received a cryptic message from her, saying that I had blown it. I called her asking what that was about, and she went on how Bobby had told her all that I had said, and that some email she had sent to her boyfriend was just a trick for me to see if I was reading her email. Actually, I hadn’t known she had sent an email. I suspected that during Valentines week that she would not be able to help herself from sending him something, but I am not sure I really cared for my own good. From the message that I had blown it, would imply that I had something to blow, which I just don’t understand at all. Was she implying that we could have gotten back together, I just don’t know at all. What I do know is that I didn’t get a Valentines Day card from anyone, while it appears that everyone else did.

I had tried calling Bobby back a couple of times, and finally I just left a message saying that I didn’t think it was right for him to call me as a friend collect information then repeat it all to her. I just didn’t think that those actions would help either her or me. A few minutes later, I got a call back from Bobby, and was it a call.

He was in an out of control tirade, but again, not that I haven’t seen all her family in one of these at one time or another. I can’t come close to remembering all that he had to say, but I will try to illustrate the biggest points.

1. Never call back here again, don’t ever call back.

2. If he sees me, he will kick my ass, he will beat my ass down, etc.

3. If I was fucking her right, she wouldn’t be out fucking someone else.

4. You need to quit playing her, she might not know your game, but I know it.

5. He will do everything within his power to keep me from my son, including raising him myself.

6. I was never a man in his eyes, you are a punk, etc.

7. I must hate her for all the things that I wrote.

8. I know a lot about you, much more than you know.

Then he just hung up. While I think the attack was uncalled for, both in origin, as he should really be mad at his cousin not me, but also in delivery. To call and yell and scream, mean spirited statements are not the way of a reasonable person. It was just like he was trying to find my hot button and the issue that would make me mad. Maybe as mad as he was.

It really makes me sad actually, sad to know that he would break down that for to make as many mean and cruel statements as he could about me. It is sad to know that he would threaten to come between me and my son. The problem becomes is that he has painted himself into a corner with no easy way out. What would my wife have done if I or one of my cousins had called, threatened her and threatened to come between her and our son. She would have called the police, she would have gotten a restraining order, and who knows what else.

If he stayed on the phone instead of just yelling and hanging up, we could have talked our way through it, but now I am stuck in a position, that I almost have to insist that my son does not come near Bobby. This is certainly not the position that I wanted to be in.